ADT Affiliate Program – How To Make Money

The Sync Up, ADT affiliate program is perfect for anyone looking to earn money by simply offering a well known product. ADT home security can provide your family the piece of mind you have been searching for.

Why Join Our ADT Affiliate Program?

  1. Earn High Commission
  2. Work From Home Opportunity
  3. Offer A Well Known Product

Things To Do After Joining Our ADT Affiliate Program

Once you join our “ADT affiliate program” you will have access to our state of the art back office where you will be provided your own custom ADT reseller link used for signing up new customers.

Things To Know About The ADT Reseller Program

Each new ADT affiliate will also be provided free promotional materials to help your with marketing the ADT home security products. With the ADT reseller program will also provided you with your own ADT affiliate code that will be printed on your promotional items. This ADT promotional code will be used the give your customers discounts on new ADT services.

ADT Affiliate Program

ADT Affiliate Program

How Much Does The ADT Affiliate Program Pay

The ADT affiliate program will pay as high as $165.00 per customer sign up. The average commission will be around $125.00 If you are doing a large amount of ADT affiliate sales you can qualify to receive additional bonuses for simply signing up new customers for ADT services.

ADT Affiliate Program Highlights

One of the best parts of being a ADT reseller or affiliate is the quick customer sign up process. ADT pays will perform all the installations so there is no need to worry about how the sale is complete after you get the customer registered.

Can You Make Money With Our ADT Affiliates Program?

Making money with ADT is easy. Once you get your affiliate link you can decide were you want to promote your ADT reseller link. Social networks are a great place to share your ADT affiliate links.

Many new ADT affiliates decide to get their own website to help promote the ADT reseller opportunity. By having your own website you could choose to promote the ADT-affiliate-program or focus on other products, for example DirecTV or prepaid cellular.

How To Join Our ADT Affiliate Program

If you are searching for a easy way to start earning money using our ADT affiliate program contact us today to learn how to get your own ADT reseller program setup.



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