Get Paid To Watch TV – DirecTV Reseller 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch TV and get paid for it as a DirecTV Reseller? Well now you can with Direct Network, a National Authorized Directv Dealer, and best of all, there are no gimmicks involved.


We’ve all heard about money making opportunities only to be told to jump through a dozen more hoops before they can be paid, but not our DirecTV Reseller Program. All you have to do is host a party for three of your closest friends or family members, (or simply tell them about Direct Network) watch a little TV and get ready for a new source of income.

Direct Network is a simple program that only costs $39.99 to become a DirecTV Reseller to market the best home entertainment on the market. In order to become a DirecTV affiliate you will need to be a DirecTV customer, or be will to get new service provided by Direct Network. If you are not in need of any of the Direct Network services you can join by simply paying a $39 annual fee.



If you’ve ever looked into selling DIRECTV, DirectVoice, and Revo Gourmet Coffee or Dish Network, you will know its very difficult to become an authorized dealer.  You need a storefront, proper signage, equipment, training, background checks & much more. Furthermore, if you’ve ever looked into making extra income on the side you understand it’s often more challenging than it has to be.  Direct Network uses the direct selling model to market its services, but very much different than ACN, 5Linx, or other MLM companies.

How to become a Directv reseller

Consider the following when considering joining Direct Network and earning extra income:

  • There’s No need to pay $500 to get a distributor kit.
  • No need to jump through hoops and wait weeks or months to become an authorized dealer.for Dish or DirecTV
  • No need to learn how to install satellite systems.
  • No Equipment to Purchase.
  • You Can Sell DirecTV Nationwide with our National Network of Certified Installers. Installation often within 24 Hours!

That’s all it takes to be a part of the Direct Network opportunity.  No autoships, inventory or high overhead to start your very own business from home or market Direct Network out of your current retail store.

If you find yourself wanting to earn substantially more income, you can become a DirecTV Reseller as a coordinator and earn overrides by helping other people host DirecTV parties, or enroll their network of friends and family.  Simply enroll 3 new Direct Network affiliates or customers, and you qualify for the coordinator position that increases your income dramatically.

Event coordinators can earn an excellent income just by showing people how to use DIRECTV. You can work full or part time set your own schedule and be provided with full training backed up by an amazing corporate support system.

Once you start enjoying events as a coordinator you will be networking with people every day while you make money. Other perks from Direct Network include conventions at amazing locations paid for by Direct Network TV.

Most companies use expensive traditional advertising such as television commercials, internet ads, and direct mail to build their brand and customer base; however, DIRECT NETWORK leverages the power of word-of-mouth advertising to accomplish this objective.

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direct-tv-authorized-dealer-birminghamThe Direct Network Compensation model has two key components:

 1. PARTY HOST – by inviting your COMFORT ZONE of 3 friends or family to a TV  party, you ignite a network that will lead to a financially rewarding opportunity.
2. COORDINATOR – at your TV party, the coordinator walks your COMFORT  ZONE through the criteria below to determine if the network is right for them.

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A. Do you like TV? (What’s your show?)

NFL Football, Game of Thrones, The Voice, Walking Dead,
Blacklist, Big Bang Theory, etc.

B. Are you happy with your money? (What would you do if you had more?)

Travel, cars, houses, stability, shopping, college, retirement, etc.
Then you are going to love Drect Network

C. Studies have shown that everybody has at least 3 people within their COMFORT ZONE

(Mom, dad, relatives, or friends that they care about and would love to see successful.) Think about your 3.That’s what we call the Power of .

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HOW THE DIRECTV RESELLER PROGRAM WORKS – The Direct Network Host Gets Paid on the Following 3 Types of Commission/Bonuses

Get Free Directv

Get Free Directv

1 – ONE-TIME PRODUCT/SERVICE COMMISSION – A PARTY HOST will receive a bonus of $100 for each new DIRECTV Genie customer or $50 for each new HD-only customer.(Installs through Thursday pay within 7 business days. The host will receive 50% of the one-time commission if the banquet program is utilized)

2 -THE RECURRING POWER OF  BONUS – A PARTY HOST is paid monthly on new DIRECTV customers with the VIP Service Plan or for existing DIRECTV customers that add the VIP Service Plan. If a member within a host’s network does not have DIRECTV with the VIP plan, he or she will not receive recurring bonus for that particular customer.

A host gets paid monthly recurring bonuses up to 10 levels deep.A person must be an active member to receive the Recurring Host Bonus. To be considered active, a member must sign up at least 1 new DIRECTV/VIP customer or existing DIRECTV customer that adds the VIP Service Plan. The host will receive 1/3 of the recurring bonus after the first new customer, 2/3 after the second new customer, and 100% after the third new customer. (The recurring bonus pays the 15th of the following month)

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directv reseller program
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Directv affiliate program

How To Become A DirecTV Affiliate Reseller ?

Call us today at 888-409-8505 or Click Here To Apply, and find out about hosting a Direct Network Television Party, or join the team and enroll in the excellent training program for coordinators available from Direct Network.  If you’re ready to enroll now and get started immediately give us a call.  Congratulations and Welcome to the DirecTV Reseller Family!
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