Start Your Own Free Government Phone Company

Sync Up Solutions is the number one free government cell phone development company in the nation. Our goal is to provide a simple solution for business owners looking to increase sales by offering free phones to qualified families across the nation.

Our company offers two types of programs for starting a free government phone company. The first being our brick and mortar program that pays big commission on each new sign up. The second being our street team position. 

Once you decide on which program is right for you, the next step is to get registered with Sync Up Solutions for training. Each new dealer will go through a training course to learn how to start offering lifeline free government cell phones to the public. 


How To Get Paid To Hand Out Free Phones

If you are a retail store owner you can earn up to $12 for each new customer that signs up for a free phone. The payout is bi-weekly for new dealers to get paid as fast as possible for offering free government cell phones. 

Street teams can make up to $7.50 for each approved device provided to qualified family’s. The sign up process is simple to do once you have gone through the training provided by Sync Solutions.

contact us today to learn more about the “lifeline free government cell phone” dealer opportunity. 888-409-8505


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