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11-8Are You Ready To Earn Money To Finance A Cell Phone 

Imagine having the ability to finance a cell phone to your customers with no credit needed. By providing this option to your customers you could triple your income. Now days not everyone has $600 for a new smart phone. This is where you can give them an option to get the phone they want and not break the bank doing so.

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Make Money When You Finance A Cell Phone

Mobile phone financing is starting to bring in some real traffic to retail locations that offer it.  When customers find out you can provide them cell phone financing you will be surprised how many referrals you will get.  The best thing about being able fiance a cell phone to your customers, is it is absolutely no risk to you.

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“No Credit Check Device Financing Program”


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“90 Days same as cash”

It is a great feeling to help someone get the phone they want. When you finance a cell phone to your customer you don’t need to worry about the sale going bad. The finance company will buy the phone , pay you, then and make the payment arrangement with the customer. Cell phone financing is key to owning a cell phone business. You need to make sure you are giving your customers every option when selecting their device.


We provide your stores with the ability to offer their customers our No Credit Check Lease to own Program.

Lets say a customer walks in to one of your dealers stores and wants to buy a $400 Cell Phone and $50 in accessories but doesn’t have the cash on hand. That customer can now Lease to own the purchase. All a customer needs is
  • A Bank account in good standing
  • A job
  • Make at least $1000 per month
  • Deposit at least $500 per month
  • Once Approved you get funded direct deposit within 2 days
  • Win Win for the customer and you
We basically buy the products from you and then Lease to own to the customers with 90 days same as cash also available No credit check.

What Can We Finance?

  • Cell Phones and Accessories
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • iPads
  • iPods
  • Any Tangible product you sell as long as you sell Cell Phone
  • Free to set up with your own personal link
  • Easy Application
  • Free Training
  • Free Marketing Materials and Poster
  • And best of all! No liability to the store (No Charge Backs)


Who Can Use Our Program?

  • Master Agents
  • Individual Store Owners
  • Major Retail Stores and Corporations who sell Wireless Phones
  • Franchise individual and Corporate
  • Not available in all states


Set Up Your Progressive
(No Credit Check)
Device Financing Account

For Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets , accessories or any other items sold in a wireless store. This product gives you the ability to sell more in your store by offering a credit line to your customers INSTANTLY. Risk free for the Dealer with direct deposit payment in 2-4 business days!

Voided Check
We must receive a copy of a voided check, please make sure that the account information is readable.

We must have pictures of the inside an outside of the store (Including the merchandise). We need at least one inside picture and one outside picture.

Business License
We must receive a copy of the dealer’s business license.
2. Dealer must sends an email with all the mentioned documents