“This article will teach you how to open a Simple Mobile Store in FL or any state”

How To Open A Simple Mobile Store FL

Have you been considering  learning how to open a Simple Mobile Store FL?  The Simple Mobile Solutions Store program is perfect for anyone looking to start a cell phone business with little money involved. The store opportunity will carry 5 carriers under one roof.

As a Simple Mobile Authorized Dealer you can earn spiffs and residuals on each activation. Once you have decided to ope a Simple Mobile Store FL you start offing prepaid cell phones for 5 of the top prepaid carriers.

how to open a simple mobile store or franchise



Simple Mobile Franchise Alternative Program

Simple Mobile (stylized SIMPLE Mobile) is a prepaid mobile network operator headquartered in Irvine, California, in the United States and became a subsidiary of America Móvil (parent of TracFone Wireless Inc.)

Our team can help you to get your own Simple Mobile Store FL for a small investment. We specialize in cell phone business development for some of the nations top carriers. Simple Mobile runs on the T Mobile network giving you excellent coverage any where T Mobile operates.

Over the years Simple Mobile has completely changed the way we buy phones. The BYOP program offers customers a chance to bring their own phone to Simple Mobile and pick a cheap plan to activate it on.

How to start a simple mobile franchise

What To Do When Starting A Simple Mobile Store

When want to open a Simple Mobile Store you can contact your master agent to learn the details. We know how hard it is to get a cell phone store open without the right team behind you. Sync Mobile Solutions is the first company to offer a complete cell phone business development program for new dealers.

What Are The Requirements To Open A Simple Mobile Store FL?

When you want to learn how to open a Simple Mobile Store FL, you will find it is not that hard with the help of Sync Mobile. Our agents are on stand by to help you learn what it will take to get your own Simple Mobile Store than is branded like a franchise.


  • Store must be at least 75% branded Simple Mobile Solutions
  • The program requires you to do a minimum of 60 activation’s per month
  • (If you don’t meet the minimum you earn$10 less in commissions)
  • Keep a uniform Simple Mobile Solutions look in your store
  • Retail is required to change outside signage to look like all SMS stores or get new sign done

What Are  The benefits When You Open A Simple Mobile Store FL

Starting a cell phone business is one of the most complex processes if you don’t have the backing & training needed to do it right. When you learn how to open a Simple Mobile Store In FL or A Simple Mobile Store in TX, or A Simple Mobile Store in any state there will be some great benefits.

The Benefits

  • largest National MVNO in the industry
  • Competitive & Reliable Compensation (residual income)
  • Multiple networks & brands – Simple Mobile, Net10, Telcel, Tracfone, Safe Link & more
  • Branded Handset Inventory Available
  • Field Team Support Training & Visits
  • Flexibility To Sell Other Brands & Services


How Much Does It Cost To Open A Simple Mobile Store

Opening a Simple Mobile Store does not take much. When you open a cell phone store with Sync Mobile you will be provided a turnkey solution to get you cell phone store. Finding your location is the second step to opening a cell phone store.
The Simple Mobile Store program can save you tons of money when opening a cell phone store. Investing in a cell phone business can be very profitable if done correctly. Combining other products and services is a great way to earn additional income for cell phone dealers.
When opening a Simple Mobile Store the Tracfone team will visits your location after it has been approved. after your approval the team will provide all the promotional items to make your store look like the branded SMS stores.

Whats Needed To Open A Cell Phone Store For Simple Mobile Solutions

Once you decide open a cell phone store join the Sync Mobile Program for cell phone business development. Sync will educate you on what documents you will need to get to open a Simple Mobile Solutions Store.
  1. Once you join the Sync Mobile Program you will go through a training process that will help you learn what to look for when finding a location for a cell phone business, and what documents you need.
  2. After you have your documents in order you will submit them to Sync Mobile.
  3. After you have some locations picked out, take some photo’s and send them to Sync Mobile to get an approval.
  4. Once you location has been approved a team will visit your location to layout the promotional items.
  5. Now it’s time to have a training session with one of our agents to get you trained after you have went through the video training course.