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Start A Cell Phone Business From Home

Wireless Store Development

Start A Cell Phone Business with the industry’s leader in cell phone business development. Learn everything there is to know about how to start a cell phone business for the the top industry leaders in prepaid.

Our program provides the most advanced training for those who are looking to become a cell phone dealer. If you have been searching for information on how to open a cell phone store or maybe looking to sell phones online we can help! Our program is perfect for those looking to start a cell phone business in any state

  • Carrier Relationship Development

    Our mission is to connect you with all the top prepaid cell phone carriers that offer nationwide plans that customers love.

  • Wholesale Access

    Gain access to a simple to use inventory portal to place your order for all your cellular need. We create a unique login for you to be able to order the latest phones, tablets, sim cards, and accessories at wholesale pricing.

  • Instant Activation Bonuses

    Get paid a nice upfront instant commission on new activation’s done through our activation and refill portal.

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All The Best Products & Services Under One Roof!

  • Create Returning Customers

    Increase the buying frequency of your current customers. Most Merchants see their customers returning almost 54% more often after using our ipad customer rewards system.

  • Inventory Purchasing Made Simple

    Once you join our network you will gain access to the top wholesale products.

  • Earn By Performing Activations

    Offer offer a simple to use portal for activating cell phones for all the top prepaid wireless carriers.

  • Merchant Services

    Sync Up has partnered with some of the nations leading merchant account providers. Free merchant card reader included in each one of our development packages.

  • All The Tools You Need

    We provide all the tools you need to get your business up and running in no time at all. Our authorized dealer portal will save you time and money when building your business.

  • More Than Just Distribution

    We are the only cell phone business development company that offers discounted marketing services to help you get your business noticed.

Start Your Own Prepaid Wireless Business

Start your own prepaid wireless business offering the best unlimited plans from the top providers. Our program will connect you with the best cell phone providers in the nation.

Offer you customers the latest device, combined with the cheapest plans. We enable you to provide quality prepaid wireless plans, with up to-date handset models.


  • Gain Wholesale Access

    Gain wholesale access to the all the best products to start your own wireless business.

  • Offer Multiple Carriers

    Earn money on all the top prepaid wireless carriers all under one roof. We activate for over 14 prepaid cell phone carriers with nationwide coverage.

  • CDMA & GSM Networks

    Offer your customers both CDMA & GSM MVNO carriers on the nations largest networks such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

  • Great For Retailers & Online Dealers

    Our program is perfect for both online dealers and retailers looking to build a successful wireless business.

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International Phone Reseller Program
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Give Your CUSTOMERS Options:

how to become a dealer for Charter, Directv, Cox, Time Warner

Here Is What Our CUSTOMERS Have To Say:

Since integrating with SYNC UP my business grow in sales almost 40% after just 2 months.

I will be adding SYNC SOLUTIONS to each of my stores immediately!

Increase Customer Growth

Add highly sought after products and services to your business to increase your businesses income potential in just a short time.

Brand Exposure With Super Speed

The Sync Up Solutions program is the most unique wireless dealer opportunity on the market.

Let Us Grow Your Business!