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Gain Access To Wholesale Distributors

Sync Up Solutions is one the nations best resources for cell phones reseller wholesale distributors. Once you become a Sync Up Solutions independent agent you will gain access to the lowest prices on cell phones, tablets, sim cards, and accessories.com What you will need to buy from wholesale distributors:

  1. Fed Tax I.D.
  2. Tax Reseller Permit (Sales & Use)
  3. Drivers License

Find The Best Pricing On Wholesale Cell Phones

We offer wholesale cell phones for the top prepaid carriers. Each Sync Up Solutions agent will have the ability to order wholesale phones online through our wholesale distributors portal.

What Type Of Wholesale Phones Do We Offer?

We offer cell phone wholesale for both CDMA and GSM networks. Most phones come unlocked and ready to add sim cards and new service. Our goal is to connect you with the best wholesale distributors in the nation to help you earn the top commissions possible.

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