Starting A Cell Phone Company With 40 Carriers

Starting Cell Phone Business

“Starting Cell Phone Business”


Mobile phones provide a chance for everyday people to own a profitable business with unlimited growth potential. Those who look into starting a cell phone company may find that there are multiple opportunities for opening a cell phone store. You can get into the cell phone business with little investment required, compared to some small business opportunities.

Starting a cell phone company can be a quick way for anyone looking to become their own boss. The first step to starting a cell phone company is to decide if you would like to start online or jump into a retail location. Both have there own advantages and disadvantages.


If you decide to start your cell phone company online, you will need to have some sort of idea of how you are going to bring in sales. If you have experience in lead generation this may not be an issue for you. But if you never worked with products online you might want to take some attraction marketing courses to help you understand the science behind running a online business.


Forms of Marketing Online When Starting A Cell Phone Company

  • Social Network Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Email Marketing


When considering which option to choose for starting a cell phone company you may want to look into a retail location. Retail cell phone locations can provide higher income if you set it up the correct way. By adding additional services you can see some real income month after month.

One of the best alternative services to add you your cell phone business is Flashing & Unlocking. This service is in high demand right now due to the rise in GSM products. GSM phones require a SIM card to be activated. Carriers like T Mobile, and AT&T both are GSM based. When you buy a new phone on these networks you will also need to purchase a SIM card.


For those who would like to bring their own phone, if the device is locked Unlocking the phone can save them money instead of buying a new device. Starting a cell phone company will take around two months to complete the necessary steps to get everything setup. If you partner with a company like Sync Mobile Solutions you can expedite the setup time in most cases. A good cell phone business development company can get you plugged into active relationships with the top wireless carriers, device protection companies, and device financing companies in no time at all.

Things To Know When Starting A Cell Phone Company

Starting a cell phone company

“Starting Cell Phone Business”

The cell phone business is a business that is driven by daily sales. With many of the carriers you will notice the residual income only applies to those who are doing a set amount of activation’s for that specific carrier.

Starting a cell phone company will require you to do your research to see which carriers you want to promote, and focus on if you go at it alone.

Focusing on five or so carriers is proven to be the best practice. This way you have a better chance of earning additional spiffs for doing quantity activation’s for your carriers.

Most carriers require you to perform 10 or more activation’s in order to qualify for commission spiff’s which are paid out 45 days after the activation.

What Are The Best Carriers To Work With When Starting A Cell Phone Company


One of the best cell phone companies to work with if you are looking to create residual income is Solavei. This carrier offers a great income opportunity for those who are starting a cell phone company. One of the best features of this company is the compensation plan.

As a Solvaei dealer you will receive $20 for every three customers you activate month after month. This is the best option when starting a cell phone company because it’s residual income even if the customer does not pay their bill at your location.

Sync Mobile Solutions can help you to get setup with Solavei the correct way. When starting a cell phone business with Solavei you will have the chance to also get you own website though Sync Mobile Solutions. This is the best way to become a Solavei dealer if you are trying to save money, and work with seasoned professionals who know the business.

How To Avoid The Newbie Pitfalls When Starting A Cell Phone Business

When you first look into starting a cell phone company, you may be tempted to try to go the cheap route. This is where most people make their first mistake.

Starting a cell phone company is not easy work in the beginning stages, if you don’t have a big budget to support you after the initial investment in your location and marketing tools. This is why it is so important to come out the gate strong, with all the necessary products, and services in place to maximize your profit potential from the first day of “starting a cell phone company”.


Key Things To Have In Place When Starting A Cell Phone Company

  • Cheap Cell Phones No Contract
  • Flashing & Unlocking Services
  • Device Protection Plans
  • Device Insurance
  • Bill Payment Services
  • Long Distance Minutes
  • International Minutes
  • Utility Payments
  • A Strong Marketing Campaign


By having all these bases covered you will have a better shot at becoming a successful cell phone reseller. Skipping the correct setup process can be shooting yourself in the foot.

If you are starting a cell phone business why not do it right the first time. You can become an authorized cell phone dealer in your area for the top wireless carriers, with little to no knowledge about the business if you have the right backing. When starting a cell phone company consider educating  yourself about the business first.


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