Starting A Cell Phone Business In Your State

Starting a cell phone business is a great way to move towards financial freedom. When researching ways to start a cell phone store, you might find the are many price points to choose from. Learning how much does it cost to open a cell phone store is the first thing you might want to do, before investing any capital.


Starting a cell phone businessOnce you have educated yourself on “starting a cell phone business”, the next step is to decide which products and services you are going to sell. There are many prepaid carriers out there that pay some serious commission if you achieve a set amount of activation’s for them.


Is There Money In Starting A Cell Phone Business? 

Starting a cell phone business will require much more than getting a wholesale account. Many people believe they can simply rent a location, find a place to get phones, and they are ready to go. Unfortunately it is not always that simple. It takes a great deal of resources and time to open a cell phone store the correct way. By not understanding how important relationships go into a cell phone business, you are doom to fail.

starting a cell phone business

How To Make Money With A Cell Phone Store? 

Most cell phone dealers earn money in a more than one way. By offering other services from your cellular location you can also expect an increase in foot-traffic. Sync Mobile Solution stores offer Cellular Phones, Accessories, Tablets, Bill Payments, Dish Network, Life-lock, Prepaid Debt Cards, OmniBox, Flashing & Unlocking, and much more.


What Does Starting A Cell Phone Company Cost? 

To start a cell phone store you don’t need tons of capital to get going. When starting a cell phone store the average investment for new cell phone dealers maybe 15-40k depending on the following.


  • Cell Phone Store Layout
  • Inventory Needs
  • Location Size
  • Store Signage


The best way to open a cell phone store is to work with a development company like Sync Mobile to ensure you are doing everything correctly. There are plenty of websites out the claiming to have the infrastructure to help you start a cell phone company, but not many that can perform as described. When starting a cell phone business you will want to go with a company you can trust.


6 Steps To Starting A Cell Phone Store


  1. Get Connected With Sync Mobile
  2. Find A Location
  3. Register With The State
  4. Register With The IRS
  5. Complete The Sync Mobile Training Course
  6. Start Earning Money



What Is The Best Type Of Cell Phone Location? 

The best cellular locations are in busy strip malls. Strip malls provide heavy organic foot-traffic for cellular dealers. It is common for cell phone stores to be in strip-malls that have businesses that require customers to visit often.


Register With The State To Open A Cell Phone Store? 

Once you have decided on a company name the next step is to register you business with the state. You will need to file for a new corporation in order to complete this step. Most new cell phone dealer choose an LLC, S Corp, or C Corp, depending on how you want structure your taxes for starting a cell phone business.


Once your business is registered you will then need to register for your Reseller Permit or Sales Tax and Use Certificate. This will allow you to purchase you inventory from wholesalers without getting taxed.


What To Get From The IRS? 

When you start a cell phone business you are going to need to contact the IRS to get a federal Tax I.D. Number. You can get a EIN by going to to sign up. The process only takes a few minutes to get your business EIN number if you are starting a cell phone business.


How To Get Approved To Be An Authorized Cell Phone Dealer 

Now that you have all of your legal documents in order you can start the account setup process for becoming an authorized cell phone dealer. Take a few photo’s of your location and send them to Sync Mobile Solutions if you are looking to get approved to become a cell phone reseller.


After your location has been approved the Sync Mobile master agent will guide you through the remaining steps left for starting a cell phone business.


Where To Get Cell Phone Dealer Training 

If you decide to choose Sync Mobile as your master agent. You will gain access to an exclusive dealer development platform to help you learn everything there is to know about the cellular phone industry. The training will be done by video so you always have access to the portal for updated and additional training.


After you have complete the video course you can now contact Sync Mobile to get your authorized cellular dealer certificate to hang inside your place of business. After starting your cell phone business with Sync Mobile you will have a complete understanding of how to run a cell phone store.





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infographic-shopifyStart A Cell Phone Business Online

Whenever you start a cell phone business online you’ll rapidly discover how much cash you will save. By not having  a location it is possible to concentrate on the most essential parts of creating your online business ( Sales & Marketing). If you decide to start a cell phone business online you may still need to find out the basics of promoting your company.
The easiest method to start a cell phone business online is to locate a carrier like Solavei to promote. Solavei is a good company for all those who want to do business from home. It is possible to start a cell phone business online with out spending tons of money to do so. If you choose to start your cell phone business online using Solavei you may get start earning money by simply switching your phone over to Solavei.
Why Start A Cell Phone Business From Home With Solavei?
*Get compensated basically to share
*Free marketing system
*Good marketing content to help you promote your business
Lots of people who start a cell phone business online forget there will still be work to do. If you are serious about making money online, getting the right tools will be important. Any cell phone business you start from home will require some initial capital and work to get it going fast. Any cell phone business you start from home will require some initial work and capital to get it going fast, Getting the right tools will be important.  Those who start a cell phone business online easily discover the amount of money they have been passing up on.

Why Start A Cell Phone Business Online

The retail option is excellent but can require a spending budget to make everything come together. By selecting to start a cell phone business from home you can start seeing residual income in no time whatsoever.Sync Mobile can provide a solid way for anyone to earn money online. If are seeking to start a cell phone business from home or online give me a call 888-409-8505 or go to http: //

We get calls every day from those searching for information on how to open a cell phone business. The solution is the Sync Mobile dealer program. Sync Mobile Solutions is the nations leader in cell phone store and business development. 3 Way To How To Open A Cell Phone Business

  • Learn How To Open A Online Cell Phone Business
  • learn How To Open A Cell Phone Retail Location
  • Learn How To Start A Cell Phone Business For Both


If you have been trying to find out how to start a cell phone business you may have landed in the right place. The Sync Mobile Development team will assist you every step of the way in starting a cell phone business.


how to open a cell phone business

“how to open a cell phone business”


Why Start A Cell Phone Business


Mobile phone’s can provide multiple income streams for those who would like to start working for themselves. Offing cell phones from your place of business or online is the best way to start earning residual income.


When you first look into how to open a cell phone business, you may find many opportunity’s that promise the world, but have no plan of attack for new comers. By partnering with Sync Mobile Solutions you will bypass the competition due to the education and resources at your disposal.


How To Open A Profitable Cell Phone Business


Our team has been in the cellular industry for over 6 years. We know what is needed to run a successful wireless business. Many cell phone providers offer a wireless dealer codes without the necessary training to help those who have no knowledge of the business.


We believe in training each one of our dealers one on one to ensure our agent are educated on each product being offered from our locations. Learning “how to open a cell phone business is just the first step to operating a profitable wireless business.


Things To know When You Start A Cell Phone Business


If you are new the cell phone industry, you will need to get your head around all the products and services you will be offering. If you attempt to go at this alone, you may find it could get a but confusing.

Sync Mobile Solutions will eliminate the complex management of your cellular dealership by providing all the latest hardware, and software available. We believe having the right tool for the job.

If you are still interested in learning how to open a cell phone business contact Sync Mobile Solutions today. We could have your cell phone business up and running in no time at all.


Start A Cell Phone Company In Two Ways

Starting a cell phone company is easy with the right backing. Sync Mobile offer’s potential dealers the option of starting a cell phone company online, starting a cell phone store, or both in most cases.

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Cell phone reseller programs are popping up everywhere. Are you currently hunting for a cell phone reseller to assist you save money on your upcoming wireless device? We your in luck, Sync Mobile Solutions the number 1 wholesale provider within the nation. You will find everything from deep discount cell phone to Sim Cards, Prepaid Airtime, Long-distance and more.

When online trying to find a good cell phone reseller you might find many dealers who give a cell phones. When you buy from Sync Mobile you can be sure you are getting financial well being pricing on all cheap mobile phone plans. Our objective is to assist you to save money when purchasing cell phone online.

Become A Cell Phone Reseller

Mobile phone pricing is the best reason we now have so many customers. We offer the newest smart phones for the nations top prepaid, and post paid carriers. If you don’t have a reliable source to purchase new phone from, owning a cell phone can become expensive.

If your phone is going to work in a week. each phone is manufactured by the leading handset providers in the industry, our handsets come brand new in a box, no worrying. If you need quality mobile phones at discount prices the answer is Sync Mobile.

Why Buy Wholesale Cell Phones From A Cell Phone Reseller:

  • Much better pricing
  • Earn high commission as a reseller
  • Get the latest models

Stocking up on the latest cellular phones will make you a good deal of money done properly. The cell phone has become a very important instrument in day to day life. Is now a part of daily life, although investing in a cell phone is something we all hate doing.

The are many “cell phone reseller” programs on the market, but none like Sync Mobile Solutions. We work closely with cell phone distributors, master agents, and retailers to ensure our products are second to none.

The Sync Mobile Solutions program was built for both retail owners, as well as those who find themselves planning to start a cell phone business online. If becoming a cell phone reseller sounds interesting to you feel free to contact Sync Solution Today.

Starting a cell phone store is simple by using Sync Mobile Solutions. Many people ask what is the advantage of going prepaid instead of the traditional post paid storefront? Well we have all seen the amount of capitol needed to start a post paid cell phone store to be out outrageously high. With a prepaid mobile phone store you can save thousands when just getting started.

Owning a cell phone store can be quite a task at time. There are many key ingredient that need to go into a cellular store, that not many know of. Not knowing what works for managing your business can hurt business in a big way if you are new to this industry. To bounce questions, and idea’s off on, by not having a reliable partner who has year’s experience. You will find in the long run was just time wasted trying to learn as you go.

Cell Phone Reseller  Sales Are Through The Roof

With the rise in prepaid handsets being sold, we are now beginning to see more and MVNO’s. What does this mean for authorized dealers? . More money making opportunities. Wireless dealers can expect to see high commission offers from the carriers, as the MVNO race starts. Each time a MVNO creates the most amazing plan, a competitor decided to top it.

Is There Money In starting A Cell Phone Store?become a cell phone reseller

You will need more than a master agent to help you succeed if you are looking to make money in the wireless industry. There are ways to combat that, though there is an abundance of competition out there. Starting a cell phone store is a great way to change your financial future.

  1. Learning how to become a cell phone dealer can be done in many ways.
  2. Learn As You Go
  3. Register With Sync Mobile Solutions
  4. Buy A Franchise
  5. Learn From A Friend


Cell phone locations are starting to become very popular due to the change in the industry. The unlimited no contract cell phone is the wave of the future. It has never been so easy for anyone interested in becoming a cell phone reseller.

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